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Bishopdale School Landscape Design

& Master Plan

The Ministry of Education undertook complete demolition and rebuild of Bishopdale School (Christchurch) in 2018.


Landform Projects Ltd were engaged by the MoE to complete Landscape Design, Project Management and Master Planning (for future improvements) for the entire school.

One of the primary concerns, from a budget and practicality perspective, was the utilisation of waste soil stockpiles to avoid transport off site. Thus the combination of sculpted mounding, the narrative of the school, and the desired functionality of the spaces, has produced a practical, robust and attractive outdoor environment for the children.


Additional considerations that were designed into the landscape were:

- two old significant trees that were now able to feature prominently and provide shade,

- reconstruction and replenishment of playgrounds (2 became one large one).

- retention of existing native trees and design of a new orchard and horticultural area.

- car parks, street-scaping, and screening of a prominent "plant room"

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