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Lincoln Primary School Landscape Design & PM (P1)

Lincoln Primary School, like many others in Canterbury, underwent unprecedented growth from 2011 onward - doubling student population in approximately 6 years. Unfortunately, for the first 4-5 years, new classroom build projects did not keep up with the growth (due to various setbacks beyond the school's control).

Richard Wise was co-opted onto the BOT to assume the property portfolio, and as part of the LPS team oversaw new classroom construction from around 2016 onward. 

The first of these was the "Modular Block" - the first to be constructed in Christchurch.

Landscaping funded by BOT reserves was designed and project managed by Richard Wise (Pro Bono)  after LPS were let down somewhat by a private design/build company.

The inclusion of features such as a dodge-ball pit, performance stage, amphitheatre, large chess board, etc. make this landscaping an interesting, attractive and versatile asset to the school.

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