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Site Investigation

& Factual Reporting

With over 25 years experience in Site Investigation (geotech, environmental, mapping, drilling, managing, construction, etc.), we understand all aspects of the Land that may, or may not, affect Design & Construction; & the critical importance (at all phases) of good, factual knowledge of the site.


Site Investigations & Reports of various types may be required for Design & Consenting, & may be important for Due Diligence & reducing Construction Risks. The level of investigation & reporting varies significantly, depending on the type & scale of the project, & the questions that need answers. 

For some domestic projects, particularly in Selwyn District, a basic site investigation to find "good ground" (per NZS:3604:2011) & a Factual Report prepared by us is all that is needed for Building Consent. (caveats may also require Landscape Plans, & there may be other controls on land & access, etc., we can help decipher these).


If, during this initial site investigation, "Not" good ground (or other issues) are found then we can help you engage a chartered  Geotechnical Engineer (or other consultants, if required) to assist with specific foundation, retaining etc. engineered design, consenting & sign off. Our work to that point, and beyond, will be used by the engineer/ consultant, & so avoids repeat costs. 


We know what to look for on site to help you schedule & manage additional land specialist input, where & (only) if required.  


We provide comprehensive site investigation, mapping & factual reporting services to Purchasers, Land Agents, Developers, other Consultants & Engineers, Owners/Vendors, and more. 

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