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Landform Projects Ltd was formed in late 2018 to realise our vision for a Land Engineering, Landscape Architecture & Design Consultancy that offered clients a truly multi-disciplinary,  multi-communicative, & facilitative approach to land investigation, land engineering, landscape architecture & site design.

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Site Investigation, mapping, factual reporting

Better data & knowledge of the land, allows informed decision making for realistic project planning, responsive design and reduced risk during construction.

At Landform Projects Ltd, we have a passion for what is under the ground

as much as what surrounds it and forms on top. 

Below is a selection of 'Site Investigation' areas where we may be able to help; but it is not exhaustive. Please call for a friendly chat about any project. Hopefully we can help directly, but if not, we are happy to offer any insight we can to help keep the project moving in the right direction:

-  Domestic:

   Pre-Purchase & 

   B/C Factual Reports*:

   geotechnical, foundations

   environmental, landscape,

   amenity, resources, layout,


-  Commercial/Developer/


   Factual PSI/DSI*:

   desktop studies, geotechnical,

   geomorph & environmental

   site investigation management &

   factual reporting, feasibility studies

   validation testing management,

   investigation for reduced

   construction risk.

-  Architects/Designers/


   Site Investigation, Mapping

   & Factual Data Reporting:

   desktop research, geotechnical,

   geomorph & environmental

   site investigation - mapping,

   drilling & management, factual 

   data reporting, validation testing 

   management, investigation

   for reduced construction risk.

 *may require CPEng Engineer and/or other

    specialists, depending on  local gov't,

    location, history and nature of the land

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Through sound understanding of all the complexities of the land, site, landscape, environment, ecology, engineering and stakeholders, we are able to provide informed and robust design for any land development project.

At Landform Projects Ltd, we understand that communication is fundamental to good design (and project management). Effective 2-way communication of concepts,  ideas and solutions is vital not just with our clients, but also with contractors, other consultants and all other stakeholders.


We pride ourselves on our communication skills, both in conveying complex ideas and concepts (visually and otherwise), and in listening to what our clients  actually want to achieve with their land development project. 

Below is a selection of 'Site Design' areas where we may be able to help; but it is not exhaustive. Please call for a friendly chat about any project. 

-  Domestic:

   Landscape Design:

   landscape plans, caveat and

   consent compliance designs,

   access, retaining and hard

   landscaping, planting plans.


   Consultants/Public Spaces:

   Landscape Architecture:

   feasibility and desktop studies, site

   design and layout, master  plans, 

   preliminary and detailed design,

   construction detailing, planting

   plans, ecology, consent drawings.


"Project Management" begins the minute the idea for a site is formed by the client. We would argue the next call should be to us, of course.

We pride ourselves on our unique approach to broader "Landscape Architecture". With a strong basis in site investigation, landscape engineering, construction project management, and landscape design; we can communicate effectively in, and project manage, all "land" related aspects and disciplines in the life-cycle of the project.

With our knowledge of the complexities of Land Development, from the initial site scoping through to Practical Completion, we are able to add value through comprehensive project management consulting from start to finish.

-  Domestic/Commercial/

   Developer/Public Space:

   Project Management (all):

   Contract and project management

   from initial site investigation,

   through design and construction,

   on any land development project.

-  Work with your existing team,

   and/or utilise our extensive

   network of Consultants,

   Contractors,and Suppliers.

-  Manage all land related

   disciplines to improve efficiency

   and delivery times where possible.



With over 20 years experience in landscape architecture & land engineering, we can help at all project phases, from site investigation & factual reporting, site landscape design, land engineering, and project management of your next Land Development Project.

c: the solid part of the surface of the earth

b: the surface of the earth and all its natural resources 

a: ground surface & soil of specified situation, nature, or quality

 land: /lænd/ noun, often attributive:

- definition(s) :-



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...every development project.

Prudent site investigation, responsive land design, & efficient project management

of the unique aspects of the land is fundamental and can have a significant impact 

on any Development Project

land & landscape underlies and encapsulates...

.... informs and influences ...

"From the Preliminary Site Investigation, right through Feasibility & Professional Design, to Practical Completion of the Construction; my sole focus is always to ensure we add value to the project."

Richard Wise BLA, NZCE (civil), Managing Director

land development projects investigated, designed and project managed from the ground up

Landform Projects Ltd was formed late 2018 to realise our vision for a Landscape Architecture & Design Consultancy that offered all clients a truly multi-disciplinary,  multi-communicative, & facilitative approach to land investigation, land engineering, landscape architecture & site design.


Landform Projects Ltd can deliver added value at many phases in the project; however, the earlier our involvement the better. The design  becomes 'informed', and construction risks generally reduce, through early assessment of the site and its characteristics.

With a unique understanding of the complexities and opportunities specific to the land, and a passion for landscape design, we can provide a fresh range of design and technical land development consulting services on any project. 

Please give Richard Wise a call on 027 2212987, or email, or fill out the query submission form below for a friendly no-obligation chat about your development project. With our extensive network of consultants, contractors & suppliers it is always likely we can assist with a bit of advice to help keep the project moving forward. We look forward to hearing from you.



Despite having only formed in late 2018, Landform Projects has completed two school Site Design and Management Projects, as well as numerous smaller projects ranging from Domestic Landscape Design to Pre-Purchase and other investigations & factual reports. The projects below are a brief snapshot of some of the work completed up to end of 2019.



For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 027-221-2987, email, or fill out the following form

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78 Moffat Drive,

Lincoln, 7608

Canterbury, NZ

Tel: (+64)-27-221-2987

To discuss any project or to get a quote, phone Richard Wise: (027)-221-2987
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